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Do you love PHOTOGRAPHY? 

I do and I am a huge believer that photography can be shared and loved by all. We are all unique, we all see things differently, we all have different ideas, why don’t we work together and share our love of this wonderful and diverse art.

I hold creative photography workshops twice a year. I offer beginner photography classes and 1:1 training too.

Below you will find information from our past sessions as well as a video from 2018's creative workshop.

If you would like to know more please get in touch. We would love to help you chase your dreams.

Getting together with like minded people

Creative Photography Workshops

Over the years I have hosted a variety of creative workshops. I have held two day events complete with multiple locations and models. I have also held a story telling workshop using a narrative to portray images that tell a story throughout the day. I have collaborated with other photographers to bring more to the event, such as Sugar Box Studios in Cardiff who came along to teach 'off camera flash' . There has even been mini excursions with small groups when we have an idea we just want to try out. 

It's wonderful to invite others along for the ride and seeing their images and their take on our vision is amazing.

Starting from scratch?

Beginner Camera Courses

These courses are aimed at beginners and amateurs that want to come off auto mode on their DSLR cameras. 

We cover using your camera and the main settings, shooting out and about on location, photographing different subjects in various lighting among other things. I will also cover editing as part of this course as it's such a huge part of what I do.

I teach in a very relaxed and non 'technical' way, and I am just all about enjoying it and capturing what inspires you.

These courses are usually 6 weeks long and run four times a year. They are based in Cwmbran and I also run a day time course in Cheltenham on a Tuesday. 

If you or a friend want to get out and about with your DSLR cameras and learn how to take better photos then this is the course for you.

Want to keep learning?

Advanced Camera Courses

If you have attend one on my Beginner Camera Courses and loved it, you may want to attend further sessions. This is why we have created our Advanced Camera Courses. 

These are only available twice a year and they are the perfect excuse to put all of your new found knowledge to use.

This 6 week course is a mix of three shooting weeks and three editing weeks. Each shoot will be different and we will have a different theme to capture each week. With editing alongside you will be pro's at image manipulation and general editing in no time.

Want a more tailor made personal experience?

One to One Training

Sometimes you want to know everything and you want to know it now! If you can't wait for a workshop or a camera course you may want to look into 1:1 training. 

These training days cover the same as the beginner course. Things such as using your camera and the main settings, shooting out and about on location, photographing different subjects in various lighting among other things. I will also have a mini editing session as part of this training as I really do think its what makes the image.

As this is one to one they can be taught anywhere. I can come to you, you can come to me. Maybe you and a friend want to share the cost of a days training, that too is fine.


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Check out this video from our Creative Photography Workshop during the summer of 2018.

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If any of this is sounding like something you would like to be a part of then do get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

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